You’re a natural caregiver. You rock the mom thing, your boss knows she can count on you to get the big stuff done, and you’re the go-to-girl for advice when a friend is having a rough day.  You take pride in being able to juggle 20 tasks at once with a smile on your face even if that means your self-care ends up on the bottom of your to-do list most days.

I love helping busy moms find ways to move self-care to the top of their to-do lists because I understand how exhausting it is to feel the weight of the world on your shoulders as you try to be everything for everyone in your life.

Hi, I’m Cara. I coach busy moms who are worried they might be drinking too much alcohol but aren’t sure how to live life without it. I teach my clients new ways to have fun, unwind, and manage stress.

Preventing mom burn out is my top priority because a few years ago, I broke under the pressure of trying to juggle work, kiddos, and family stress. Even though I describe myself as a fierce optimist and I have years of training in self-care and wellness coaching, I struggled with how to take care of myself. I didn’t set healthy boundaries in my relationships and I didn’t ask for support with my workload.

It’s not because support wasn’t there. I simply didn’t know how to ask for it. After having hundreds of conversations with other moms, I realized I wasn’t alone. You are not alone.

I had a dear mom friend tell me that she can’t wait to have her drinks at the end of the day because it numbs the stress and she would rather be numb than unhappy. It broke my heart. My super sweet and smart friend deserves to have more choices that numb or unhappy.

Busy moms, like my friend and you, deserve a fun, drama-free space to come and connect with other moms for adult conversations where the focus is on true connection versus drinking.

Loving moms, like you, can learn how to fill your cup everyday with experiences that bring you joy, love, and gratitude.

That’s why I created Mommy Mocktail Hour. I am so happy you chose to join the party.


🙂 Cara