Look! You’re Glowing!

Here in the U.S., yesterday was the last day of summer and I am already dreading losing my summer glow.


I have blonde hair, blue eyes, and very fair skin so I do not tan. I burn, peel, and return to pale. So, I am not really worried about losing my tan but rather the glow you have during the summer when you are able to eat fresh veggies from the farmer’s market, play outside with your kiddos, and feel the warm sun kissing your cheeks.

Walking in the sunshine is my happy place and since I live in Minnesota, I am stomping my feet a bit because I am.not.ready. to give up the sun!

For today’s #HappyShot I am sharing one of my favorite ways to stop the feet stomping and keep my happy summer glow all year long: Fresh Green Juice.

Green juice is not only delicious (I know it looks scary but I promise it is yummy), it is also packed with anti-oxidants and nutrients perfectly designed to give you the glowing skin you crave year round.

Here is one of my favorite recipes I learned from Kris Carr and Julie Van den Kerchove. You can find more fab juices at Kris’s site www.crazysexyjuice.com.

Green Juice

Glowing Skin Detox Juice

By Julie Van den Kerchove

Yield: 1 serving

  • 2 small sweet apples
  • ½ large cucumber
  • ½ small lime
  • 2 handfuls of kale (or spinach, chards, collard greens, etc.)
  • 2 handfuls of parsley

1. Add apple, cucumber, lime, kale and parsley to your juicer.

2. Pour into a glass and enjoy!

What if I don’t have a juicer?

I currently use the Hurom Elite Slow Juicer to make this juice and it is a great juicer for someone who has the time to prepare and chop fruits and veggies into small pieces and wait patiently for them to juice.

If you are looking for a great starter juicer that will yield high quality juice but with shorter prep time because you can use larger pieces, I recommend my first juicer love, the Breville Juice Fountain. (Neither one of these are affiliate links and I do not receive any compensation if you purchase.) 

And to save time, I juice enough fruits and veggies to make a few 12 oz mason jars full and then I fill them to the tippy top and they will last a day or two. 

As we move into fall, remember to get your daily #HappyShot of greens and keep your summer skin glow all year long!



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